Welcome to Feet1st.

Welcome all to Feet1st and what pair of shoes.

Recently it occurred to me just how important our foot wear is, in aiding us in those o so very important foot steps, taking us through life and our personal adventures.

We moved in to our house 6 years ago, in November ( thats a long time for me to be in a home). We have both accumulated a lot of kit over the years and every now and then it needs a tidy up! Thankfully we both agree clearing out cellars and organising our house is most defiantly for rainy days. So one such rainy day in November, we were desperately trying to tidy and organise our cellar preparing for the emptying of a three story building that was Cutting House my hair and beauty salon that was closing down ( i can bore you with the details on another post ), any way on 3 of the  cellar shelves i had stored loads of foot wear just for little old me ” well not quite so little I’m nearly a 6 ft with size 8 feet” so in order to organise and make room for the incoming “stuff” the high heels that i had not worn in years had to go along with several “o so comfy trainers” that were falling to bits, but even with all that clearing out i was still left with a lot of foot wear… all my pressures adventures rely on these vessels!the crampon compatible boots, the summer training cycling shoe, the winter cycling boot, the trainer for running on all different terrains, my fav bare foot shoes, my Doc martins (in white) and my lovely silver brogues the list really does go on and on.

All this clearing out really got me reflecting, why do i have so many different pairs of foot wear ? now i do put a bit of this down to growing up and not been able to buy shoes in my size and i have a twin sister same size, so I’m sure you can understand the heart ache growing up as a girl with ugly Ecco shoes.Thanks to the generations literally growing up round me, right sized foot wear is now no problem. I simply love shoes, I love what they still represent “you can always tell a person by there foot wear ?”, shoes can be freeing or inhibiting, they can make you feel like a million dollars, but above all they aid us all in our ‘feet 1st’ adventures. So next time you go on holiday with a suit case full of footwear and shorts and a tee-shirt for every thing else, rejoice in all the wonderful adventures your feet will take you.

Dancing, Skipping, Running, cycling or sailing across the land and sea.


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