Should Schools be run like Businesses?



My thought is that professionalism is getting confused with business.

I left the house this morning in my clean trainers, with the intention of physical preparation for all the food I’m going to scoff over the holidays. In short I went to a 50-50 class with my mate Nigel (unless you love pain don’t do it!) and obviously the obligatory coffee and swapping of gifts after, in Burley. All as expected so far… until I mentioned my sister who lives in Pool in Dorset, and her worries about which school her son Jack will be going to. This opened up a conversation with ‘the gentleman’ on the neighbouring table, he just couldn’t hold himself back from sharing his experiences as a school governor in a failing school, apparently he had been asked to take the post as governor, he stated ‘that he had no previous background in education, but felt qualified because of his prior business experience’ mmm ‘ I thought what an interesting assumption’, as he went on he recounted his tale of, Ofsted been the schools savior (just to make the point, I have no problem with Offsted). Sacking the Head, motivating the teachers and requesting the discipline of students. Apparently the end result was, the school being taken out of special measures and earning (nearly) outstanding. I’m not sure how correct his interpretations are of what Ofsted did. He  got me think though, as he was telling me his tale – Yes, making things ‘SMART’ works in team management and personal motivation, Yes having a great leader, who believes in, in this case the students, is needed. These are qualities you would find in a well run business, however businesses need to reach financial targets, even if they are non profit organisations, should Schools be treat in the same way? should Schools, Colleges and Universities be asked to run like a business?

If Education was all about the students learning, in a bid to become well rounded individuals, who then go on to excel in there chosen paths. How would this statement change teaching in schools, Colleges and universities?

Would it engage ‘a can do’ attitude in students? The students themselves being encouraged and trusted to make changes they want and need, for the benefit of society and there personal learning journey, making schools, schools and not places with locks and extreme discipline, but places to encourage bright ideas and thought provoking.


Discussion with a random gentleman from Bournemouth.

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2 thoughts on “Should Schools be run like Businesses?

  1. This is very thought provoking, Jayne. As a parent governor of a local school at gives me several ‘lens’ to look through. Schools recently have become businesses, they have million pound budgets, targets and the rest. That has somehow leached into the ethos of the schools, that we are preparing ‘good workers’ rather than ‘educated’ people. Frank Coffield has written and YouTubed (is that a verb or a noun?) extensively on the subject and is worth a read/watch. Your blog is also well written and flows logically by the way. Great work!

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