Freedom and Equal Opportunities



I read three articles today, One was a Journal and was specific to my Cert Ed studies, I came across another while procrastinating on Face Book ( Social learning is the best after all) and the third (whoops) more surfing the net and procrastination. All three Articles were really interesting and if you have a spare half our I would love you to read them. They weren’t linked but I felt they had a commonality to them. All three articles agreed that if you are financially poor then you have less chance of freedom and are less able to climb the social ladder, you are likely to spend more to live and because your poor you have a higher chance of having eating habits detrimental to your health.

The three articles got me thinking… I came to the conclusion that I’m bloody lucky ! But whats the solution? Is there one ? What are your thoughts…?

I am really interested in your views so please read the linked articles and post what you think and what you think can be done.


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