In the search for Digital resilience.


I was inspired by discussions, around the subject of, reflecting and being reflexive at Northern College on Monday.  Our discussions with Kay our Tutor, where around being creative and being true to ourselves when reflecting. While reflecting about being reflexive I decided to amalgamate sketching? drawing and how I feel as another way of Reflecting.

After getting home today (Tuesday) and letting the dust settle on, in and around my thoughts about digital professionalism and its place in education.

One of my many thoughts that came to the forefront, was how we over come world wide digital resistance, and is this just people not wanting to engage, because their scared of it? I don’t think so…

The Cookie crumbs lead me, to thinking about barriers to over come, in order to make digital media accessible for all.

My picture shows hands protective almost shielding the world, nurturing. The keyboard bellow represents some of the barriers, our nations need to overcome, power, transport of energy, money, political thinking, satellite.

What do you think are our barriers are, to overcoming world wide digital resilience?



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