Skedaddle Guide Week

Skedaddle Guide week… Awesome !

Skedaddle is a Cycle touring company. They epitomise professionalism, in a very ‘Skedaddle way’.

Skedaddle started 20 years ago, by two friends, who wanted to gift the feeling of freedom and adventure while riding your bike to others. Skeddaddleness was born. Skedaddle is now a very successful company, who take great pride in looking after there customers and equally there guides.

Skedaddle week?

Getting  all the Skedaddle Guides together with the rest of the team ( even the big boss), to train new guides and continue CPD for existing guides.

There is so much to learn. Every thing from loading a trailer, to new software to aid route building and management. As you can see from the pictures below the Skedaddle “infamous” picnics are part of the training ( just another excuse for me to eat more).

Having had my own business, I know how much work goes in to organising an event like this, and how needed events of this sort are by companies. It is great to be part of a company who truly values its customers and shows it by reinvesting in this way, in its team.

It wasn’t all work… we road out together on two different trips. A Mountain bike ride, and then the next day a road ride out to an  English Whisky company called  THE ONE BRITISH. The Scottish ancestry where turning in there graves but my taste buds seem to be quickly sedated.

Thanks Skedaddle. looking forwards to next year.





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