Be’spoke’ for the London School Boys

What a great idea! This group of ex-school mates had 13 years ago! A lad called Ben was the instigator of these yearly gatherings… and this year Skedaddle had the pleasure of hosting.

Myself [Jayne], Sam Cook,and Isobel Riley, were the three guides that led these lively lads around the Yorkshire Dales, but first things first.

10 out of the 13 men arrived by mini bus from London…I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall in the van, the tails were fun to hear though. Obviously they were a tad late… 9.30! They were all a bit surprised at how far away the dales are from London ;-), Whoops!!! The HF holiday staff were legends, sorting out late snack sandwiches for them all, meanwhile some of our guests and the guides enjoyed a gourmet three course buffet with extra helpings (that might have just been me).

The New field Hall on the edge of Malham, is an amazing building,

It was designed by the Lancaster architect E. G. Paley for William Nicholson Alcock at a cost of £36,000 (equivalent to £3,030,000 in 2015).[1]Construction of the house started by at least 1855, and it was opened in 1856.[2] Alcock was a lawyer who had moved to Gloucestershire by 1881.

The house and its estate were sold in 1890 to William Illingworth, a retired Bradford worsted manufacturer. It was sold again in 1901 to John William Morkill who became High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1929–30 and a Deputy Lieutenant, and who wrote the standard local history of Malhamdale. During the 1930s the estate was broken up, the house being leased to the Holiday Fellowship, and the rest of the estate was sold to All Souls College, Oxford.[3]

The house has since been used as a hotel administered by HF Holidays.[4]


and it’s not just the stone and mortar! The team here can’t do enough to make both guest and guide feel comfortable, the best things for me though were the great tasting and ample amount of food, and the Hetton beer; the lads [from London] enjoyed wine and Gin and tonic.

I am always blown away by the beauty of where I live ‘Yorkshire’, and by’eck it is a common occurrence to get blown away, however on the 1st of October 2016  the sun came out for the boys from London and made the Skedaddle team proud, with the lush green, awe inspiring beauty. The ride was tough,but by the end of the day the lads were talking about coming back and exploring ‘up north’ a bit more.

Here is the ride we rode and some of the pictures.


 Sam getting the Skedaddle hire bikes ready. 


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