Roady gone wild

Roady gone mad in the mountains.
Last year I started my MIAS training, with Skedaddle cycling holidays. 

As I have mentioned before In previous blogs, Skedaddle is a conscientious professional cycling holiday, and as such , An aim is to improve the industry standard of cycling holiday guides … the way to achieving this goal is through education, skedaddle train all  their guides, the training is of no cost to the guides.  

Sabina and I at guide week. 

So I’ve signed up for my MIAS training ( probably only to hear Steve talking about myass) 

All I needed to do was attend two, two day courses one at the beginning of the year,


( only Jocking ) 
 and one at the end! AND ….!!!! Guide 

to build my log book, practice my navigation, 

bike maintenance
first aid and be confident under pressure,

(ok not that sort of pressure)

and document it all on the Skedaddle guide wall! 

Easy ( NOT)… 

you see I’m a roady through and through, 

long days out on the tarmac is my thing, lapping up The miles, playing in traffic and climbing and the reward of a SMOOTH descent and road side coffee is my thing. 
Until (MIAS)
A year on and I’m loving the mountain bike as much as the road.

 My confidence is returning ( I used to mountain bike, pre dislocated shoulder ), but skills first. 

I’ve had to re learn to lift my front wheel, bunny hope and generally relax, so controlling my bike is possible. ​

Been on the bike, outside is my first love ( although a close call with coffee) so re descovering the mountain bike and all the possibilities and new adventures:-) I’m thrilled and find, playing out on the hills in the mud thrilling too.

I didn’t have a bike to practice on though and as much as we would all love to spend lots of money on a new bike, becoming a student but a dampener on that plan. 

So a big thank you to Paul for the lone of your bike, Skedaddle for a number of bike loans. Chevin cycles bike shop in Otley, for the loan of a beautyfull Trek pro caliber 9.6      ( still clean) 

loan at very last minute, when I still needed to practice and the bike I had borrowed, off Paul got stollen from the locked bike cage at Leeds Beckett university (incidentally no practical help was offered by the uni).
I have worked hard with friends over the last year plotting courses, leading them on bike and running and walking, and worked hard to overcome my fears. 
I am happy to say my skills have improved massively and I am now a qualified ride leader.

Some pictures from our two day assessment.

Whoop !!!!!! 
 My next step is to improve my mountain bike skills further so I can achieve my level 2.
Who wants to go ride their bike?

Onward to the next adventure… one foot at a time ( or tyre tred) 


2 thoughts on “Roady gone wild

    • Thank you Gavin.
      I love righting blogs… shall I right one on you ?
      The handsome wiper snapper making a cyclone in Ilkley with a creative combination of bespoke cycling apparel, and the best and only legal boost of choice for the discerning cyclist … Coffee and cakes.


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