Inspired by Eileen Cooper

mercer.jpgA New years resolution and I’m not usually one for using the start of the year for such things but 2017 feels different!
Like a lot of my friends, I’m quite happy to put 2016 behind me, along with the political shenanigans that has caused so much upset!
I feel very lucky to have strong friendship groups, where open discussion about such things is not taboo… However, like the other 40+ percent of the British population, I was shocked at the Brexit outcome.
The realization that I’m out of touch with the wider social perspectives and issues; [hyperthetically speeking] living on my little island on Otley, I have got to get out more, and more importantly experience a wider selection of STUFF…
To get back to new years resolutions, throwing my social net further and hanging out with strong female role models is on my list. ( I was inspired by these guys back in 2016
So when my lovely friend Angela showed me her newly acquired book showing Eileen Coopers Between the Lines illustrations, and specifically I was drawn to the print named ‘Shadow,2011:253’ I wanted to see the rest of her collection.

The Mercer Art Gallery in Harrogate is exhibiting her work… but it’s ending soon…
so I shot over there, and I’m so glad I did! Just spectacular! Beautiful images. I’m not sure if Eileen cooper wants the reaction of Hummer in her art? however, that’s exactly the reaction I had. I Laughed and cried. I was totally captured by the playful nature of her illustrations, Images like the ‘Twins’2001:143 and leap of Faith,2008:151. Strong athletic figures, contrasting with playful and a tad silly.
“Coopers creativity is inspired by the women in her work, their physicality, their fluidity and balance, and they are often seen in positive, collaborative partnership: with nature, with another figure, or simply with a shadow”

So thank you, Eileen Cooper, for the most inspiring afternoon.


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