My First School trip… In just a Few years! Berlin City here we come!



My favorite photo of the trip.A city waking up



Our journey started with the obligatory coffee at Leeds train station, and I’m pleased to say the highs just kept on coming throughout the trip.



I looked up whilst ingesting the necessary caffeine … Bike! Becky not impressed



We graciously navigated our way through Manchester airport, the only mistake all trip was wearing too many layers this side of the continent; really dehydrating ourselves with heat at the airport ( melting point), however, some of the second years took the usual approach of re-hydration!BEER ! After all, we were about to enter Germany where beer is classed as bread… While in [Rome] Berlin….



On entering Berlin a city I have never been to before, I was immediately impressed with the travel.



So easy, really affordable, 7 euros a day to get any were in the city and because of the high rise buildings of which were very impressive, we could navigate very easily on foot, by looking up and looking for the radio tower.




Radio tower.


Our first night was a bit rushed with an hour to turn around, find the hostel ‘180 degrees’, get changed, and get to the Parliament building, worth it but very Cold, there is a ramp inside that swirls around the exterior wall allowing onlookers to view the far-reaching landmarks with the aid of an audio, all the sights, and the history was explained,


A great introduction to the city of Berlin,  exploring on foot on my morning runs, was a doddle.


Probably my favorite landmark of the trip was the Jewish memorial gardens.

Stunningly beautiful and incredibly thought to provoke, whilst walking in and through the maze of tomb like stones.

Finally, our appetites were sedated with a pizza…Not very German !?

After a very early night, 2 am in the morning early, I was quite surprised when I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed for a morning run at 7 am.

I do love to see a city wake up and I was determined to have another look at the Jewish memorial and experience the park ( Tiergarten ) which had formally been owned by the Royal family, used as their hunting ground, bombed through the war, the wood used as fire would in the great depression and then finally replanted so we can enjoy the green space again. what a history!

Even though Berlin was sub minus temperatures getting around on foot and even running was made possible by the cause grit that was sprinkled on all the paths, even cycling didn’t seem an issue for the locals.

I really enjoyed running around the park, it just didn’t feel like I was in a city, and it did make me appreciate all the green space I am surrounded with in Otley north Leeds.

Back to the hostel… I was in a bit of a rush after spending a bit too much time jogging around taking photos of the park and its statues Pics.

Now on to one of the organized trips The Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin

I took loads of photos so I hope they tell the story and history of this fine table wear, that was developed by two alchemists trying to make Gold. Hence why this fine porcelain china was given the name white gold.


It as never being plain sailing, though, for this company, they have been rescued many a time from financial ruin by rich princes and business men. They are still producing fine table wear today, nothing I could afford on a student budget, fortunately, it wasn’t to my taste.


Although I did like the spotter’s stuff. So much so I was inspired on my trip back to have a sketch and play to see if I could recreate the illusion created by the original designers.

From the White gold, we went to a jewel in the city of Berlin. The Bauhouse Museum. What an amazing place, and what an incredible legacy to be left. I wandered around for ages in awe of it all. There were a few pieces I was particularly drawn to a large sketch of people walking up the stairs with a figure who looked to be dancing, I was lucky enough to get a crafty picture on my camera phone. SSSSH don’t tell!

I was also drawn to the textiles and the hung rugs, possible because of the story of education that hung alongside them, like a badge of honor. I am in favor of the attitude to learning craft, and the overt encouragement of women, again the arts came up trumps when insisting that equality of the sexes is a right and is right.

Choices choices shopping … the Neues Museum or the Hackescher market? Recently re-inspired by the Bauhouse museum … another museum was obviously the choice! The group had thinned a little by this point in the day, so unfortunately for our lectures Jen and Anna they had me all to themselves. I had a great time at the Neuse Museum, Jen response of interest, the staircase was undoubtedly worth the visit.

also met my new boyfriend ( pic)

Only joking… this handsome fella is what they believe an neanderthal male looks liked.


My favorite though were the amazing tiles everywhere, although seeing original papyrus from ancient antiquate poems and songs written to be sung alongside the Lyra, was pretty special and high up there on the tick list.

I really enjoyed my time in the warm museums that Jen, and Anna spent time organizing  for the first years. Thank you, Both!

Walking around though was extra special, in particular, walking to and through the Berlin wall memorial. I don’t have pictures as it was so cold that day that my iPhone kept turning off! img_8777

Becky and I noticed the grit on the payments get a bit sparse on the way there to the sight were the wall originally stood I wondered if this was a reflection of an economy that hasn’t yet fully recovered ???

As a Student product Designer, there was an inspiration everywhere; shop windows, street art, sculptural displays, Berlin is a truly amazing city! Who wants to go?


Becky and I



Trip out one morning to look at the local University where i could potentially study next year… we are spoilt rotten at Leeds Becket!!!


New and old architecture everywhere.


Blue Skyes.


Steet art throughout the city.



Just love the font.


Highly recomened and only a shot walk to parks and memorials.


Angelic Becky on the steps of the mexican embacy.img_8798img_8799img_8800img_8801img_8820img_8821img_8822img_8823img_8824


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