Roady gone Wild….Whyte T-130s


T-130 S – £2550
“British engineering brilliance with an almost flawless performance makes this short travel ripper our winner”
MBR Bike of the Year- Winner 2016

IMG_9459As you all know I’m a roadie through and through! I love been out on my road bike eating up the miles.
However ‘Thank you Saddle Skedaddle for instigating the MIAS training to become a better guide and inadvertently reminding me that I also love been out on the mountain bike getting blathered in mud !!!
Picture of muddy me… Post ride around Bingley Bash.

Now been out on a mountain bike and improving my skills to gain my Level 2 MIAS ( I passed my level 1 back in February) is a bit tricky thanks to Leeds Beckett bike security and there lack of care over bike cage security and no cameras ( blah blah moan…. ) anyway old news!
Sanjay and Chevin cycles to the rescue… AGAIN !

[incidentally Sanjay the director of Chevin Cycles is committed to getting more people riding bikes, specifically recognising the need for female specific kit to make cycling more and more accessible and even more fun for use gals.]

Chevin cycles are really putting their money where their mouth is when supporting me, and my riding to helping me gain my Mountain- Bike instructor Awards. THANK YOU CHEVIN CYCLES !!!!!

So less about me, the bike I got to play out on this time was ( drum roll……..)
The Whyte T-130 S – £2550 IMG_9420
I chose this bike, because ( eek honesty) the whyte 905 Hardtail trail bike demo was too big, So the Whyte T-130s was the next best thing as it was available in a Medium.
The whyte T130s was probably a bit overkill for the Bingley Bash a fairly local to me trail ride.
But as you readers have probably gathered technical skills aren’t there with me yet. So haveing a full suspension with 27.5 wheels really helped to compensate for my ineptness on the technical sections of the ride, and improved the comfort of the ride as well.
I managed technical descents that I would normally walk ( when everybody was looking the other way)

Descending steps

Single track slippy and steep

IMG_9437 copy

Decent to the bridge



single track through woods


As you can see by the big smile on my face i had a great time!!!!

T-130 S – £2550
“British engineering brilliance with an almost flawless performance makes this short travel ripper our winner”
MBR Bike of the Year- Winner 2016

Here some tech information that makes this British designed bike so brilliant.

Single Chainring Specific Design
The T-130 S features our SCR single ring specific frame with mega stiff symmetrical chainstays. A full-width main pivot increases torsional stiffness, extends bearing life and maximises suspension performance.

Progressive Whyte Geometry Increases Control
The geometry of the T-130 has been adjusted to accommodate a shorter stem giving the bike some of the most progressive trail geometry available today.

Stand-Over Height
A low slung shock gives the T-130 plenty of stand-over height and suspension kinematics that makes the bike really “pump” through your favourite singletrack.Hope you enjoyed my latest daftness

Thank you, Gerard for your patience.


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