Internship​ at Hurricane Design

Model Head shot

Well, nearly a full [accedemic] year has passed at Leeds Beckett, and although it has been tough, for a tough old bird like myself, it has been worth it and worth while!
Out of all the ups and downs and technical I.T catch, up’s that me, a mature student with a heritage of 20+ years in hairdressing, No we don’t cut hair with computers yet! Has had to show true calm (never happened) and resilience, when thinking about throwing the nearest computer out the window…
The best bits for me have been listening to lectures from people who have been successful in the industry, my favorite speakers were Paul Galley at a furniture company in the Lake district he offered a system for selling oneself absolutely invaluable as I think it’s the hardest thing to achieve. Jo Buckerfield at your space living, proving that women can have it all (thank you, Jo, you are an inspiration), and Sanjay Patel, who started the journey to working as an intern at Hurricane design studio in Cheltenham.
Sanjay Offered all the students Free mentoring, and I thought I’d take him up on the offer… If I’m been honest, I thought the offer of help, might not extend to a first year in Design Product!? ‘Wrong!!!’ So Thank you Sanjay for your help and the massive massive confidence boost, I felt like I’d been in a glass of coke and come out like a shiny new penny after the week with Hurricane.
So the Internship, Well it’s a bit of an odd one winning a competition where the prize is working for free…However as an ex-business owner and having offered similar initiatives over the years I knew what a massive deal it is for a busy company like Hurricane to give up the resources to support someone who is learning ( and it was a 3rd-year competition, I’m a first-year student remember).
The experience I had at Hurricane was brilliant, and other than the team just been brilliant( sorry used brilliantly again), and patient and very giving of their expertise. The two things I took away was I’m really interested in packaging design, and knowing what I have to learn, and be great at to get the job I want, and work within a team that are innovative creatives, and thinkers.
I would highly recommend like Paul and Sanjay and many of the other speakers we had from industry, to set yourself from the rest of the pack love your first year at University and dive in with both feet; enter competitions; bag yourself an internship and obviously enjoy the rewards with new friends.
My personal advice is to sketch, draw, and doodle, and learn Solidworks as it is industry recognised 3D software, and be excited about your ideas and get used to talking to others.
Role on Year 2….


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