Wales Bank Holiday weekend with Saddle Skeddadle and friends


Richard wales trip

Richard Blackmore-Lead Guide

Another fab weekend courtesy of saddle skedaddle, and lead guide Richard Blackmore, the godfather of guiding! Sam Cook, 

and me (Jayne), the second season in, and loving learning from the best!



me wales

where is everyone? 

Wales Weekend Wow!!! Wales is well known for its mountain biking, but this weekend proves that road riding with its super smooth roads [mostly sorry David] surfaces, almost traffic free, cheeky climbs with attitude! and fun descents, are to be enjoyed on the trails, and by roadies.
The most breathtaking views no matter what the weather is doing.


milkrace wales

Milk Race Climb…

Wales does have changeable weather, we got lucky with the sun, and a bit of warm drizzle to keep us cool on the up![hills], there were never any downs, other than the fun descents.


vieas and bees wales

The group of Skedaddlers we’re all super cool making my job as a guide just the best in the world!!!


All smiles all bank holiday weekend.


The last supper wales

Last super together in Bala.


More Pictures of the weekend.

(Hopefully more to follow, from our Skedaddlers?!)


wales Sam giving a safty briefing

Morning briefing with Sam.

wales cheeky climbs

Jerry Climbing one the Cheeky climbs [with attitude]

Wales at the top

Lunch at the top of the milk race climb

tjhe girles wales

Thank Gesa, loving your cap.


Strong riding! well done…Gave me a run for my money on day three.

The top of the last hill

All smiles after conquering the last of the Welsh hills. 

castle wales

I wanna live here! 

Anna riding

Going strong and steady. 

Bridge at lake Wales weekend

Time to admire the atmospheric views.

Wales weekend chilling

Chilling… I think I won the best picnic Lunch?

Wales views

Simply spectacular!


Stopping to take pictures isn’t cheating on the climbs #17%

















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