Roadie Gone Wild – [Again!]


The diary of trips continues; this time with a slightly different thread—I’m the customer!

I loved being on the receiving end of a Skedaddle trip! and although not quite successful at hanging up my guiding hat for the weekend (sorry Brad)… I really got to feel what it was like to be a Skedaddle customer.

I was totally impressed by the high level of customer service bestowed upon us by the team of guides we had four! how spoilt!

I took full advantage of the wealth of experience… Tom Owen lead guide (and Friend) glides on his bike making riding a mountain bike look effortless, but he holds a rare talent, that maybe only some one with a background in education holds… He can break down and explain ‘a doing thing’ into words that perfectly explains the how’s and why’s so a novice (numpty) like myself can replicate with confidence.

Skedaddle holidays aren’t about being coached, but in my experience the sharing of knowledge that goes on within groups are invaluable, this doesn’t just stay with technique tips but ‘kit’ tips too… Nick one of the other customers and a new friend is going home with probably a new bike purchase lined up, after having a little go on mine…

That stemmed from a conversation about dropper posts…I love mine!!!

What else are a group of grown up kids gonna do on a hill side while patiently waiting for the group of new found friends to re-group;-)?

I can’t wait to guide mountain bike trips… And I know the trend for mountain biking is on the surge… and now I know why! it’s just so much fun!


Mountain bike chat… yes it’s kit! but with a difference from road cycling. Not once did we talk states, strava or get twitchy at stops or breaks. It was all about the fun, and how muddy we could all get! The banter was hysterical! I’m known for my big smile but my face ached by the end of the weekend and my ribs hurt! and I don’t think it was transferred pain from my (now brilliant) descending skills.


To top it all off I got to room share, with new best friend Jackie. (whether you like it or not) This woman is amazing and I’m completely in awe! Girl crush! Fun, out going, strong and fast! There’s nothing this woman can’t do! and Jacky work’s in the office at Skedaddle, usually a roadie like me, we had loads to talk about…But usually on Hottie alert 😉

Not sure who’s idea it was to pair the two of us up? brilliant but brave decision!!! LOL


Thanks All.






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